Pay as little as ₹10,000/video!

Scale Your Clients Ad Accounts With Fully-Edited Original UGCs at 1/5th Time & Cost

With full rights to use your videos as digital assets on any channel, ecomm's (you) turn to PILLY for all UGC content needs.

Video ads, testimonials, unboxing, how-to, 360 showcase videos, honest reviews, and IG Reel videos – we have it all and it’s custom-made for your brand!


Start using this advanced paid media strategy.

Get SCROLL STOPPING VIDEO ADS at 1/5th the cost

Invest In UGC content that gets you sales. Get raw footage, fully-edited ads and extra B-rolls (hook and CTA variations) to test new concepts and different ad iterations.

  • How To/Tutorial

  • Comparison

  • Unboxing

  • Testimonial

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It’s Never Been This Easy to GetOriginal UGC Videos for Your Brand!

In Just 3 easy steps, you can say goodbye to dealing with influencers & getting unpredictable results. Oh! & we respect your deadlines.

  • 1. Choose a video

    Choose a video & place your order. Go to my account to "submit video details" & share all information about your Brand, website link, product & its description.

  • 2. Ship the product

    Next, we assign you a dedicated manager who will call you to confirm all product & script details & ask you to ship your products to our studios so we can start creating.

  • 3. Enjoy the content!

    Approve the content or ask for edits and scale your business like crazy with custom-made UGC videos! Typical video is delivered in 7 – 14 days!

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Work With Hundreds of Top UGCCreators!

Whether you want to increase brand visibility, drive sales, or build a loyal following, our creators will help bring your vision to life!

Use PILLY for

  • Paid Media

    Produce authentic UGC videos to be used as ad creatives for your paid social channels.

  • Organic Posting

    From IG reels to shorts and stories, post this content on your social channels and build a hasel-free video strategy to grow your organic reach

  • Digital Assets

    Use these videos on your website, amazon stores and other marketplaces to use the same branding & messaging across platforms.

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Ads are expensive to make

But with PILLY you can build a solid paid media strategy to consistently test 3 concepts a month with conversion focused video content.

Cheaper production = More concepts
More concepts = more opportunities to succeed!